Are you a design/Media/Web agency?

Are you aN a agency looking for ways to add diversity to your current portfolio of services, but wanting to reduce the risk and cost of doing so?

Then let me help!

What’s in it for you?

My white-label services mean that you can offer whiteboard animation design services to your existing clients, without the fear of losing them to other agencies. You take the orders, manage the client, get the credit.

All we do is the work, and no one but you or me know’s any difference.

We even finish the animation off with your own business signature logo!

What you earn: 20% Discount + Unlimited Markup!

We give you a 20% discount on any of our services, allowing you to use that margin as your own profit for offering this service, but it doesn’t stop there.

You are free to mark up our services as much or as little as you like. So long as you’re client is happy, you are happy and we are happy, then everyone’s a winner!

Your current clients already love you.

So upselling them to a whiteboard animation is real easy. Plus we are here to help you.

Your Own Agency Discount!

Of course, you can also use this 20% discount to save yourself some money on animated videos that you want to use for other area’s of your business (but to obtain and then retain this discount, you must place and pay for at least one client order before you can benefit and then at least one client order every 12 months).

FREE 60-Second Promotional Video to Promote this Service!

What better way to hit the ground running, then by using a 60 second promotional video to launch this fantastic new service to your clients. After all, it’s a case of the proof is in the pudding when you lead by example.

It’s in our interest to help you launch this service to your own clients as we ultimately gain a benefit too.

A quick chat with us, a copy of your logo and we’ll have a video ready for you to use in next to no time.

How you benefit!

  • There are no costs to you, unlike if you brought this service in-house.
  • You don’t have to upskill or train existing employees.
  • You don’t have to hire specific new talent.
  • You don’t have to buy any specific software or animation image assets.
  • We can have you live within 24 hour of approaching us!
  • We invoice you on delivery, meaning you’ve already received full payment from your client, before you need to pay us, so you are never operating this service at a loss or have any financial risk!

What’s it like working with us?

Your business and clients are unique. So to help you, we require a purchase order to approve the client video project. We invoice you on delivery. Initally it’s pay-on-receipt, but once we’ve developed a relationship of trust with us, we can discuss extending you a 30-day payment term. Meaning you can deliver the entire video to your client and receive payment before having to fund the process.

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Terms and Conditions

We aim to be as flexible as possible so we have very few demands. Our only real requirement is that if you sign with us, you do NOT use any other whiteboard video animation services. Sometimes the lines become blurry, when other video production companies also offer whiteboard design services. If you use our knowledge, expertise and free promotional video to gain client projects but then give the whiteboard animation project to another supplier. We’ll request all discounts you’ve gained be paid in full for every animation video, (whether the video was for you or your clients) be paid in full for animations we’ve design in the past 24 months for your company, including paying for the free promotional video in full, that we provided which is worth £360.