Questions ABout Money

How do you accept payments?
We accept all regular bank and credit cards. We use Strip as our payment processing company. For UK clients using our Bundled Video services we set up a Go Cardless payment plan for Direct Debit transactions specifically for you and your project.
What is your payment plan policy?
We opperate a 3 part-payment process.

  1. 30% Deposit:
    To secure your order, we take a 30% deposit, this confirms your order in our diary and allows us to plan your design brief, storyboard, and script.
  2. 30% Project Start:
    Upon your sign-off of the design-brief we take a second 30% payment as this covers any third-party costs before we start work on the animation, any stock images we need, or voiceover artist, or back-ground music are covered with this second installment.
  3. 40% Video Delivery Balance:
    Then on the delivery of your project we take the final 40% balance payment.
Are there any other hidden fee's?
No, we offer a transparent pricing structure which is all-inclusive of everything needed to create you a kick-ass video.
How do you price your animations?
We charge for animation videos in blocks of 10 seconds across all our service tiers (Basic, Standard, & Supreme animation’s)
For example:
If you require a 60 second animation in our Standard Style:
The 10 second rate for a Standard Animation is £60.
So that is 6 blocks of 10 seconds to equal a one minute video.
(6 x 10 seconds = 60 second animation video = £360)
Therefore the total project cost would be £360.
How can you offer such affordable animations?
I have streamlined my design, production and creative processes to optimise my time and animation resources whilst also operating as a virtual/digital business (I do not have normal office premises or their costs that other companies have and which are forced to build into their pricing structures).

Questions ABout Production

How long does it take to make the videos?
We aim for a 14 day turn around from start to finish on average. If external voiceover artists are used we may need an additional 7 days, so long as you approve scripts and visuals within 2 working days of receiving them. If you want it faster, no problem, we can bump you to the top of our project list, for a little extra fee!
What if I want/need an animation produced in less then 14 days?
We can bump you to the top of our “to-do” project list for an extra fee, dependant on agreement before project begins.
Can I have something extra or in addition to a specific service level?
Yes, of course! We understand all businesses, products and services are unique. You can have any animation style you want, so long as we are able to provide the features you desire (agreed in advance).
What do you mean by pre-designed animation images?
Each time we draw an image in Adobe Illustrator, we then have to animate this individual image. This creates a single file, one of many that is used in your final video animation. We design and create it once, and can use multiple times. We also purchase pre-animated stock images from other Artists. Meaning we now have quite the library of individual animation iamge assets at our disposal and to freely use in your end video. Saving us time, which saves you money.
How many images does an animation use?
On average a 1 minute animation uses in the range of 20 to 30 individual animated svg images. Of course it depends on the topic and client desires. But all images are included as per your service level (Basic, Standard or Supreme) of animation choice.