From Concept to Creation

Depending on the level of service you have opted for (Basic, Standard, Supreme) some or all of the following steps will be used in the creation of your animation video!

The Whiteboard Animation Design Process

The Full 9-Steps

#1: PLACE ORDER (Once you've placed your order)
Once you’ve ordered your animation video, we get in touch to discuss your project. During this stage we assertain what your goal and objective for the video is, what your key messages are, how you plan to use the video and so forth.
#2: SCRIPT (Writing Services / DIY Guideance)
Writing a script can be harder then initally anticipated. There are only so many seconds to explain the problem, show a solution and give any necessary calls-to-action you may want your audience to take following the video. We can help you fine tune your message or even write it for you if you have selected our ‘Supreme Service’ level of animation.
#3: VOICEOVER (Our Recordings or Other Artist Commissions)
Once your script has been finalised, the real work begins. We start by recording (or commissioning one of our voice over artists) to formally record your script. This audio recording forms the rhythm and speed that the rest of your visual animation is then built around.
#4: STORYBOARD (Stock Animation Key Image Resources)
Now we know what you are saying, we look to our extensive library of pre-recorded animation assets by which to visually plan how your commentary will display to your viewers, our goal is to visually captivate and retain attention through engaging (and humorous) visuals.
#5: CARTOON (Custom Design of any Bespoke Cartoon Images)
For our Supreme Service clients, we also custom draw, then visually animate upto 3 different images (in addition to any of the pre-record stock resources we’ve identified in the previous step). This means we can really harness a visual graphic that meets your stories need. These custom-animation images are not quick to create, in fact, in the time it takes to create a full 1-minute video using pre-recorded animations, we can draw and animate just 1 bespoke image!
#6: SEQUENCING (VideoTimings and Sequencing Transitions)
Once all the visual animation assets are created, we start to place them in the correct order and sequence and we start applying transition effects (like the hand, or fade in/out effects). We carefully monitor the time each image takes to be fully drawn on screen and how long it remains in place before the next image is needed.
#7: MUSIC (Background Music and Sound FX's)
We then select an appropriate background music track, which sit’s behind your commentary to help spice up the final video’s ability to engage and captivate your viewers.
#8: REVIEW (Tweaks & Perfections)
Once you’ve had a chance to see the full video, you may need us to adjust a few minor components to help perfect your end product – no problem! Then the final 60% balance payment is due.
#9: DELIVERY (The Moment You've Been Waiting For)
Once final payment received, we digitally deliver a copy of your animation video to you via Dropbox or We Transfer for you to keep and use and way you desire. We also host a copy of your video to our own YouTube channel (giving you that little bit of extra exposure) Job Done!