Need more Than one animation?

No problem, the more animation videos you order the less you pay, plus we will spread the cost over a 12-month contract to help you out (because we are nice like that).

Step 1: Decide what Style and Length of animtion you want

Choose your animation style and video length in seconds using the pricing table on the home page. All your animations will be of this type and duration.

Step 2: How many videos do you require?

Multiply your chosen animation style from step 1, by the number of videos you desire.

This will give you a total order value BEFORE any discounts.

Step 3: Calculate your bundle discount!

For 3 or 4 video bundle you get a 10% discount off the total order value.
For 5 or 6 video bundle you get a 20% discount off the total order value.
for 7 or 8 video bundlle you get a 30% discount off the total order value.

Step 4: Spread The Cost

We then take your new discounted total order value and divide that into a 12-month direct debit payment plan. Job Done.

See example below.

You want 5 videos of the Standard Animation style.
All of them being 60 seconds long.

6 x 10 seconds @ £60 standard rate = £360 (price of one 60 Second Animation)
5 x £360 = £1800 total project cost before discount.
10% discount = £1620 total cost after discount
£1620 / 12 months = £135 per month.

Client Example:

Bright Business Advice

7 x Video Series

Emerson Patton, a very successful business advisor in the Home Counties area, wanted to create a series of animations that introduced his business and the 7 key sectors of business management. The problem is that most small business owners only focus on a few of these, and so by creating a short fun and yet informative animation series, we were able to quickly focus his clients minds, remove overwhelm and set the scene of their discussions.

Watch on YouTube

All 7 animations will play back-to-back below, or visit my YouTube Playlist to view the animation videos I created.

Emerson Patton Trustpilot Testimonial

Read what Emerson had to say about this series of videos and my service for yourself on my Trustpilot testimonials page.

Step 5: Expression of Interest in Our Bundled Videos

Tell us a little bit about yourself

What type of bundle of video's re you interested in.