The ‘Geek-ette’ Behind The Business!

I’m a lady who loves all things to do with digital technologies. I started out on a freelance career path over 20 years ago whilst studying full-time a BSc Honours Computing Degree at the University of Portsmouth. It was during my student days that I got the bug for a freedom lifestyle and so focused on all topics relating to digital design and development.

I worked this way for many years to fund my solo-travels around the globe (in my late 20’s and in life before kids). Turning my hand to any style of digital media development needed by my clients such as video editing, graphic design, website development (as in coding sites before the likes of WordPress and similar platforms came-in-to-play) as well as connecting multi-platforms and services together to create digital sales funnels and building lead capture startergies into existing technologies for my clients.

These I’m a bit more grounded and work my day around my two cheeky beautiful young ladies.

Check out my personal website: to learn more about me and what I get up to (including my current hobby of mobile app game design & development).