Angela working on Adobe Audition for the Voiceover of her own 30Second Promo Animation

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Virtual Office:

The UK is a nation of small business owners, and to keep our costs down, I run this business from my home office using a virtual team located all over the UK. With less business operational costs, our services are lower and ultimately you save.

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How The Business Begun!

I (Angela McCall) stumbled upon Whiteboard Animation’s purely by chance a few years ago. At the time I was helping a client create a digital sales funnel and we wanted to do something a bit different to advertise their business, instead of just using photos or images on social media.

It just so happened that one evening, a Whiteboard Animation video advert popped up on my Facebook Timeline for an entirely different industry. I sent the link to my client who loved the concept! But it left us both asking the question… how do we go about making/getting an animation promo video made?

From there on in, things gained momentum, with one of my clients, clients seeing the video and requesting one from me and so on.

After contacting multiple animation studios we realised the price for a fully-bespoke animation was in the £1000’s due to the time involved (as I now realise) with turning each individual cartoon image into an animation before including it in a video! Like most small businesses these types of professional animation studio’s had fee’s that were way out of our reach. However one of my searches did lead me to some fantastic software solutions and being the digital tech-y-whizz that I am, I thought nothing about downloading the software and having a wee tinker!

Now, a few years on, (and now my girls are both in school) I’ve time to dedicate to launching this business formally. I’ve also started creating my own stock of animated svg images instead of just purchasing animated stock from other artists! So it’s all systems go for this Whiteboard Animation Business, launching officially on the 1st May 2019!