[#3] Embracing The Virtual Business & Home Office!

The Freedom Freelance Lifestyle

I would hazard a guess that about 90% of my adult working life, has been that of a freelancer. You could say it was inevitable that I was destined to work this way, as growing up both my parents were sole-traders, so a childhood experience of living this lifestyle was my norm.

Originally I entered this line of work as a way of helping to fund uni-life, and then afterward my student day’s whilst I led a freelance-travellers lifestyle. One where I would come back to the UK, go networking, collect a bunch of clients and then build websites for them using MSN messenger, Skype and email to communicate whilst I was overseas. (Circa early 2000’s)


So when I finally laid down roots and entered motherhood, I started to carve out this idea of running my own design studio, you know the sort of funky modern office set in some renovated building with the wooden beams running though it and flint stone walls.

When in truth, I hired a small unit, smaller then most bedrooms for a fortune.

Reality vs Expectations!

It worked “kind of” as at that time my girls were babies and it helped being able to go away from the house, to work, but due to motherhood and only part-time childcare hours I still had to work from home, of an evening into the early hours. So I was split and this caused me to be unsettled. It nagged away at my expectations of my office I had built up into some unobtainable pedestal in my head!

In truth having to work from home started to feel like a guilty secret I had to keep.

The problem was all in my head!

You see, most of us are busy, and pressured to produce results regardless of being in an employed or freelance career path. What we care about is the end product meeting our expectations and excelling them. Whether projects are on time and budget. That we get value for money. Do we ever stop and question if the person we hired was working from home or not? Not so much! And when you think about it, how many “office” workers do we know who takes their work home with them anyway!

It has taken me a good number of years to get my-head straight about this. Dissecting what my issues about the office were and how others would perceive me as being “professional” more or less for working in an office. What I liked, disliked, where I was most creative, happiest, functioning and despite all the pro’s and con’s, everything led back to the original freestyle life I used to lead, working from home!

With my girls older now and happy to do their own thing, working whilst they play and watching tv is just as practical (thanks to my sound eliminating headphones). When I get my design and creative mojo flowing, you could put me on the moon, in a shipping container or where I really like to be, at my home-office desk! It matters not where I am but the waulity of the work I am producing!

Why Embracing my Home-Office Enviroment is better for you!

So here I am, now embracing the fact that this Whiteboard Animation Business, is a fully-fledge 100% virtual business. I now never intend it to have office’s or premises and the beauty of this is many.

  1. I’ve no office operational costs or overheads that I need to pass onto my clients.
  2. I can engage and tap into highly-talented people to source voiceovers and other digital assets for my client project needs.
  3. I can serve clients anywhere in the world so long as they are after an English-speaking animation.
  4. When inspiration hits, I don’t have to wait until “I get to the office” to work, I can fire up the computer and crack on there and then!
  5. (And most importantly), I get more time with my girls and they get to do their own-thing at home instead of a childminders!

Angela At Her Home-Office Work Station

I would be lying if I said this style of work/home blend was easy, but for me, this business and the type of vibe and ethos I want it to have and been known for, my home-office totally works!!

If I’m not for you – no worries…. the worlds a pretty big place and we can’t all be suited to everyone or every project out there, and so I wish you every success in finding the person or team that best suits you.

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