[#2] 13 Uses for Your Whiteboard Animation

Can you think of More?

Why 13 ways?

For no other reason then that is as many as I can think of having used myself, or been involved with helping my clients use the animations in such ways!

It might be a superstious number for some, for us it means power!

So, in no particular order, other then that what I thought of them…

#1: On your website!

It’s probably a given, but I thought I would get it listed anyway!

#2: On a Landing (one-page) Sales Page

They are great for generating calls-to-action in your visitors and for explaining the next steps you want them to take as well as to reinforce the key benefits they gain!

#3: Facebook Business Page Header

As your Facebook Page business header video (forget images that’s so yesterday)

Since 2017 Facebook has been rolling out the ability for business pages to use videos instead of images. These are normal sized videos, but we must place images in a linear horizontal format, whereby only the second and third fifths, of the video are shown in the header!

Check out my own Facebook page to see my own 30 second promotional animation at work!

#4: Trade Show or Business Expo Stand

If you are looking for a way to attract passing visitors. I’m telling you – this is how! Put a tv on the back of your table, volume loud enough to entice but not dominate the immediate are and then loop several videos. Run a competition and your stand becomes highly attractive!

#5: Across all of your Social Media Channels

It’s a given really, you’ve this wonderful tool – use it everywhere!

#6: 20 Second Timeline Trigger-Adverts

Mini 20 second animations, with no voiceover work fabulous as Facebook timeline adverts especially as audio is turned off until the viewer clicks the video. Working this way they become multi-cultural. Remember an advert is to encourage your target market to take the next step, not tell them about your entire business in 20 seconds!

#7: Digital Business Cards!

Digital business cards! If you’ve not seen these I am sure if you ask about at a local business networking event, someone will know someone etc. These really are fabulous and no-one else will match them!

#8: Email-Marketing Emails.

Short and sweet they grab attention and work just like on social media timelines.

#9: Series of informative infomercials.

One of my first ever clients was a business coach that had broke down the business environment into 6 section that you need to master. He commissioned 7 animations. The first a promo about his model and then one for each section!

#10: When Clarity or Precision is Needed

They are great in business meetings, for breaking the ice, setting the mood, I once had a client use one as a way of explaining a complex ethos of his business to a bank manager for a loan!

#11: How-To Explainer Videos

Another client once had a problem with how their own clients sent them data. Simply explaining wasn’t enough. So, they had an animation created to show their clients the whats and why’s behind why they asked for the info they way they did!

#12: YouTube welcome video

You can select a video to present to new visitors and a different one to loyal visitors.

These short sharp animations do just the trick

#13: Shareability

As a digital file you can send them as attachments, they can go viral on social media, they can sing your praises 24/7/365!

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